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Affiliate Early Access Signup

Joining the Affiliate Beta Version
Read more about the first on-chain On-chain Affiliate Program on Cardano.
Signup to get early access to the first On-chain Affiliate Program. Please, fill our form to request access - here.
This early access cohort is open for all community members, content creators, projects, and tool builders.
Please note that early access has limited spots. Selection for early access to on-chain affiliate program will be to fit the early access group based on the intended usage you provide in the form.
To join our early access, please complete the form above - share your intended usage of the affiliate program, along with any potential partnership opportunities you may have in mind.
Your participation help us shape the final release of the program. Information provided in our form are for the purpose of communication and access during the early access phase.
We also ask all early access requestors and participants to join our Discord.