Claim treasuries from JamOnBread smart contract

The purpose of this tool is to easily claim all your treasuries from the JamOnBread smart contract.

Those treasuries are:

  • Affiliate Program Earnings

  • Project Royalties

*coming soon*

Opposed to the current smart contract, JamOnBread's design is slightly different. Project royalties from all trades within the JamOnBread smart contract are collected in it and can be claimed by the owner of the royalty wallet.

Since we've developed a more universal smart contract designed to be utilized by any marketplace in the Cardano ecosystem, all royalties from sales on JamOnBread, as well as other marketplaces utilizing our smart contract, are claimable from this treasury page. Thanks to this design, users don't have to overpay on royalties and marketplace service fees as explained in Precision in Lovelaces.

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