Setting Up Affiliate

Setting Up Your Affiliate Link

  1. Choose tier based on the projected affiliate usage

    • Note that while users can upgrade to a higher tier at any time, downgrading is not possible due to the intentional design of our smart contract

  2. Sign a generated transaction that locks a minimum amount of ADA in UTXOs

    • For example, the beginner tier requires locking 6 ADA (3 UTXOs)

  3. Affiliate link will be generated, unique to each user

    • Users will then earn ADA rewards for each NFT sold through their affiliate link, as well as for NFTs sold after being listed through their affiliate link

As per the intentional design of our on-chain smart contract affiliate program, ADA locked in UTXOs cannot be refunded and remains locked indefinitely. This mechanism is implemented to ensure the safety and security of the NFTs listed on our platform.

Read more about our Incentive Structure and Rewards in previous section.

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