A Roadmap to Success and Innovation

In our roadmap at JamOnBread, we have a clear vision for the features we intend to develop. However, we also maintain a sense of flexibility to prioritize the most requested features from our community, allowing us to expedite their implementation. This approach ensures that our roadmap remains dynamic and responsive to the needs and desires of our valued community members.

You can experience JamOnBread marketplace now, but hold onto your seats as we prepare for our JamOnBread V2 rerelease - starting with revolutionary Smart Contract and Affiliate program release planned for 2023

  • 2024:

  • Q1

  • Q2

    • Creator's platform & minting service launch

    • Migration to JamOnBread from other smart contracts

    • Portfolio & market stats sections

    • Overall improvements

  • Q3-Q4

    • Auctions revenue-sharing smart contract

    • UI / UX improvements

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