On-chain Affiliate Program

Exploring Our Unique On-Chain Affiliate Program

As mentioned in our Smart Contract section, we found the current system unfair. As smart contract owners receive all the service fees, even when NFT listings are sold on different marketplaces or new users are onboarded by content creators, friends or Cardano tool platforms (rarity and analytical).

These contributors play a crucial role in driving user engagement and transactions within the ecosystem. Recognizing their contributions, it is only fair to giving all parties actively participating and bringing user to list and purchase NFTs an option to get a cut of the trading fee revenue in truly decentralized fashion: Affiliate Built On-Chain!

Affiliate for users, creators and builders

Our smart-contract affiliate program is open to everyone. It is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all individuals and groups - all members of the NFT community, influencers, YouTubers, builders of NFT tools (including analytical and rarity tools), and many others.

JamOnBread affiliate operates on a cookie-based tracking system. The duration of the affiliate cookie is set to 14 days, or until it's overwritten by a different affiliate.

To start the program, we will introduce three base affiliate agent tiers:

  • Tier 1: Beginner (3 UTXOs)

    • Ideal for occasional affiliate users - onboard friends, sell in communities

  • Tier 2: Content creator (6 UTXOs)

    • Ideal for content creators with active audience

  • Tier 3: Service providers (9 UTXOs)

    • Ideal for service providers with expected high affiliate traffic (analytical tools, rarity tools, large communities, etc.)

    • Tier 3 will also grant access to level 1 Sub-Affiliate

You can always increased the number of UTXOs (moving up a tier), it is important to note that you cannot decrease the number, as the UTXOs will be permanently locked within our smart contract. This is intended security mechanism.


In our affiliate program we recognize two kind of agents:

  • Listing affiliate agent - a person who brings a new listings to JamOnBread's smart contract via their personal affiliate link

  • Sales affiliate agent - a person who finds a buyer of an NFT listed on JamOnBread's smart contract via their personal affiliate link

As an affiliate agent, you have the opportunity to earn rewards in two ways:

  • Firstly, you will receive rewards when NFTs listed through your affiliate link are sold.

  • Secondly, you will also earn rewards when NFTs are purchased through your affiliate link. Both affiliates can be stacked.


Tier 3 users will unlock the 1-level Sub-Affiliate program, which grants access to earn additional ADA rewards.

  • Sales sub-affiliate agent - a person who invited an affiliate agent who finds a buyer of an NFT listed on JamOnBread's smart contract via their personal affiliate link

For legal reasons, following countries are excluded from our affiliate program: China, India, Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Algeria, Morocco.

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