Decentralized NFT marketplace built on Cardano bringing revolutionary smart contract solution
Welcome to JamOnBread, not only a delightful snack but also a decentralized NFT marketplace and aggregator built on Cardano. Our platform offers a revolutionary smart contract solution that facilitates fair profit distribution among users, projects, and marketplaces.
As pioneers in the Cardano space, we embarked on our marketplace journey in November 2021. By the end of 2022, we joined forces with Cardanians to amplify our efforts and create the ultimate NFT marketplace on Cardano. At JamOnBread, we are motivated by the need to challenge the dominance of a single platform for NFT trades on the most decentralized blockchain. We strive to champion fair competition and advocate for increased decentralization.
Join us as we revolutionize the NFT landscape and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable marketplace on Cardano.
You can experience JamOnBread marketplace now, but hold onto your seats as we prepare for our major updates. To stay in the know and catch every significant announcement, be sure to connect with us on social media.


  • Equitable On-Chain Affiliate Program: We revolutionize the NFT space by offering an on-chain affiliate program that rewards marketplaces, creators, and investors, promoting fair and inclusive participation
  • Fairness and Transparency: Our smart contract solution fosters healthy competition, ensuring a level playing field for all Cardano NFT marketplaces
  • Features: We continuously innovate and provide feature-packed tools for seamless interaction with NFTs
  • Attracting Newcomers: We actively encourage newcomers to join Cardano's NFT revolution, expanding the community and fostering growth
  • Contribution: We are dedicated to contributing to the Cardano ecosystem and driving its growth as a decentralized NFT marketplace
  • Inclusion and Empowerment: We enable anyone to be part of the blockchain revolution, empowering individuals over corporations while promoting energy-efficient blockchain practices


  • Fair and transparent smart contract solution that promotes healthy competition
  • Aggregating listings from the leading smart contract on our marketplace - find all listings on one site
  • On- Chain Affiliate program that rewards all participants - marketplaces, creators and users
  • Built-in NFT rarity score - allows users to filter and easily find undervalued NFTs
  • Single NFT and collection offers - to balance supply and demand
  • User profiles
Read more about our Smart Contract and Affiliate Program.
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